Student Feedback


Incredibly approachable and engaging, making for a successful discussion-based seminar. He allowed his students to make inferences from the material, and supplemented our conversations with expert commentary. His encouraging tone allowed for a positive learning environment.

This was my favorite professor in the department. Subject was relevant and interesting. Lots of reading to support creative thinking. Loved the power point presentations. Loved the effort the professor put in creating a real community feeling in the class. Professor was interesting, compassionate, encouraging, helpful, available, patient, willing, and overall super nice.

Professor Davis is a great teacher, good at facilitating discussion, but can also sit back and let the students run the conversation. I enjoyed that he is flexible and open to talk about anything relevant to the subject and enjoys a good debate. His class was a fun and relaxing class to go to every Thursday.

One of the best psychology professors I have had. He is knowledgeable and passionate about his subject matter. He is kind and interested in what students have to say. He allowed for student led conversations to veer off the main topic in order for us all to gain more knowledge of a range of subjects and to learn more about the varied experiences of the students within the class.

The course was overall, interesting and challenging. The instructor was dynamic and managed classroom discussion quite well. He was always prepared, and organized the seminars very well. He opened up the conversations, and we brought up a lot of real-world themes, debating them at length thanks to the various readings assigned. Professor Davis is a fun teacher, and maintained a casual attitude while being strict for the assignments and discussions.

I really liked Professor Davis’ teaching. We had very intriguing discussions that were relevant and thought provoking.

The class was lecture based with a great amount of class discussion, at times very lively. I learned so much from students that were passionate about what they were sharing.

Professor Davis was informal, engaging, and an absolutely amazing teacher. I felt so comfortable in our seminar that class discussion was something everyone was involved with.

Very knowledgeable and engaged teaching, and noticeably excited about the material which was contagious.


Lectures/presentations are very informative and interesting, professor does a great job of talking through it in an intriguing way and not boring! Material is useful

He’s great! He teaches well, he’s funny, and he really seems to care about us and if we learn or not.

The outside readings relate really well with what we are talking about, and they make what we are learning even more real.

Great instructor! Very knowledgeable on his area and always ready to answer questions. Also, very understandable of students problems. I liked the way he divided the grades of the overall course, encouraging not only to be prepared on exams but also to write papers in a regular basis, which makes you be always prepared and not fall behind. I definitely think he is great!

I thoroughly enjoyed this class, and the lectures as well! You were very enthusiastic and I could tell you had/have a genuine interest in us and how much we learned and how well we did.

You are a great professor! You are very knowledgeable and were able to facilitate discussion really well! I was thankful for this course.

One of my favorite professors in my 3 years here. I wish he was teaching more upper-level psych classes!

I have truly enjoyed this course and feel it has given me a better understanding of the different types of individuals I will be interacting with on a day to day basis in College but also in the ‘real’ world.

With the help of a strong support system, daily meditations, and the knowledge I am learning from my psychology courses, especially this one, I am continuing to grow as a person in a positive way.

This class has definitely given me a more complete understanding of myself and how I became the person that I am today.

I have thoroughly enjoyed every lecture and discussion as together we have delved deeper into all of the facets of human personality.


This instructor was very well prepared, enthusiastic & knowledgeable. He made class interesting, understandable, & relatable. I thoroughly enjoyed this course & instructor.

I love your passion for psychology, it really sparked my interest in it. By presenting info with your enthusiasm & humor made this my favorite class. Thank you!

I greatly enjoyed this class because Dr. Davis explained the material so well. He was able to break down the most complex concepts and make them understandable. Excellent professor.

I went into Psych expecting to hate it, but you made it very interesting, and you have an obvious competence for speaking and lecturing.

He is a great teacher. He inspired me to learn more about Psychology because it is so interesting! Best teacher this semester.

I really enjoyed your lectures. You made me want to come to class, and you were always very enthusiastic about the material. I am a business major, but I would take another psychology class if you were the teacher. Thanks for making the class interesting!

You really stimulated my interest in psychology. I really enjoyed how relatable you made topics and how you made them easy to understand. I really loved this class!

Loved this professor’s enthusiasm, unique personality, and vast knowledge of the subject. Made every class enjoyable and worth attending!

Amazing professor. Loved this class so much. Loved how you were always very clear and easy to understand. Slides were always helpful to. Also love your humor.

This was definitely my most fun and interesting class. The professor presented the material in a very fun and enthusiastic way. I enjoyed the class so much I even considered switching majors for a while. I was able to understand the material very well and would easily take another class by him anytime.

Awesome teacher, effectively communicated each lesson, made requirements for class extra clear, very helpful & informative, came to class prepared & organized each day, loved this class even though psychology doesn’t interest me at all!

You were an awesome professor. You have been my favorite professor here so far at TAMU. You made it really enjoyable to learn and actually come to class. The way you teach also really helped me learn the concepts better.

I really enjoyed the energy brought to every class, it definitely made it more enjoyable and fun. I also am a very visual learner, so using graphics and tables during lecture was very helpful. I don’t think anything could be improved, I enjoy coming to class every time.